A taste of childhood, but not exactly the same


I’m in mainland china for a visit to my family and friends now. My friends are sweet as always, they took me to the Shunde(順德)congee hotpot last night. It’s one kind of hotpots which you can only find in the southern china. I had tried this congee hotpot a few times when I was a kid. It’s quite different from the other hotpots which you can barely find in the Chinese restaurant.  Continue reading


Before my Sichuan trip in April 2014


In April, I’ll be heading to Sichuan province with my family, that is one of the largest provinces in China. Sichuan is a very big province, so i’m definitely not visiting every tourist attraction in Sichuan but only to it’s provincial capital Chengdu(成都) and it’s suburb municipality city Chongqing(重庆). That’s for sure that only the two cities will be enough for me to spend my 7-day holiday!

First, I would like to give a little bit background information of Chengdu(成都) and Chongqing(重庆). Hope it can help for a better understand of China. Continue reading

My first wordpress blog~

My name is Agnes. Please allow me to introduce a little bit of my background here. I was born in China, but have lived, studied and worked in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. Due to my personal and work needs, i have traveled frequently between Hong Kong and mainland China. It’s really a great experience for me. Because the cultures, people’s preferences, livings, systems, laws, languages, education and etc are different although they are quite near to each in location. Continue reading