My first wordpress blog~

My name is Agnes. Please allow me to introduce a little bit of my background here. I was born in China, but have lived, studied and worked in Hong Kong for more than 20 years. Due to my personal and work needs, i have traveled frequently between Hong Kong and mainland China. It’s really a great experience for me. Because the cultures, people’s preferences, livings, systems, laws, languages, education and etc are different although they are quite near to each in location.

This is my very first WordPress blog. The main reason for me to start blogging is I want to share my thoughts and findings with anyone of you of these two places and the other places in the world that i had explored to. Hope can give some useful information and hints to people who are interested in knowing more about Hong Kong and mainland China.

Please excuse my English (because my mother languages are Cantonese and Chinese), anyways, hope you enjoy your time with me.


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