A taste of childhood, but not exactly the same


I’m in mainland china for a visit to my family and friends now. My friends are sweet as always, they took me to the Shunde(順德)congee hotpot last night. It’s one kind of hotpots which you can only find in the southern china. I had tried this congee hotpot a few times when I was a kid. It’s quite different from the other hotpots which you can barely find in the Chinese restaurant. 
Let me explain a little bit of this congee hotpot first. From my memory when I was a kid. This congee hotpot is unlike the other hotpots, they usually use porcelain pot instead of the stainless steel pot to boil the water and rice into a congee. the first step you need to put a large amount of sliced gingers into the congee. second step you can put the chopped chicken into the congee for well cooked; the third step you can put the sliced fish and vegetables to it for 3-5mins, the last step is to put some chopped spring onions to it and stir well. Then you can enjoy the delicious hotpot with soy sauce. The dining steps are: first fish and vegetables then the chicken, last is the congee. It’s the traditional recipe of Shunde congee hotpot.

For the one I had tried last night was a modern one. They were using the stainless steel pot; a variety of food to choose: pork, beef, fishballs, shrimps, chicken, fish, and etc. and you could choose not to put the sliced gingers and spring onions to the congee if you not a fan of them. Umm…although it’s tasty, it’s not the Shunde congee hotpot in my memory. But it do help to recall my sweet time of childhood. Thank you so much my lovely friends.



One thought on “A taste of childhood, but not exactly the same

  1. Supplementary info: shunde(順德)is a small town in Guangdong province of china. Shunde cuisine is quite popular, the most famous dish is fish. There is a slang in Guangdong province, you can call someone “Shunder順得人” if he/she is helpful and always with good temper!

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