Pilot waste-charging scheme in Hong Kong

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Yesterday, the Environment Secretary of Hong Kong had announced a waste-charging pilot scheme. This scheme will be taken part in seven estates, up 10,000 households will voluntarily join for a six-month trial. The scheme will be introduced in 2016

However, the scheme is quite controversial. Some citizens are sceptical about the charging.

The purpose for releasing this waste-charging scheme is to help the Sustainable Development Council of Hong Kong to collect firm data and “test out the logistics” in charging for disposals of municipal solid waste. The final goal is to slash the amount of trash in Hong Kong.

There are three waste-charging methods proposed by the government.

  • Method One: weight by building, a charge of HK$500 a tonne will be introduced based on the weight of waste discarded by the entire building
  • Method Two: volume by building, the management company pays a charge on the number of 660-litre rubbish bins that are filled by the building. The HK$66 per-bin charge is then shared among the residents.
  • Mehtod Three: volume-by-household, this method will use pre-paid rubbish bags of five, 10 and 15 litres charged at 10 HK cents a litre. ee803e8564b9152efd0462673ced30e.jpg ©scmp.com

These three charging methods are based on payment methods in Taipei, Taiwan.

If you’re experiencing a comprehensive and effective disposal charging method or rubbish recycle method in your city. Do tell…







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