“Blog Design for Dummies”-by Melissa Culbertson



This month i have read a nice book. This is  a book about “blog design”. The author is Melissa Culbertson. She claimed in the introduction of this book that by the end of this book, we will know:

  • what constitutes good blog design and why design matters in the first place;
  • how to ensure your blog design sync with your blog goals, your audience, and your content;
  • ways to customize your blog design, from headers to footers and everything in between;
  • how to design your blog to be easy to navigate and use;
  • ways to create design-friendly content to improve readability.

What impress me from this book is it can give us a quite a full picture of what is a good design, how to choose your suitable theme, how to select the blog text and fonts, colors, how to develop the overall blog layout, and most important is how to maximize your blog SEO, especially when you are blogging in Wordpress.

If you are interested to know more about blog design, highly recommend it.


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