April Trip in Chengdu and Chongqing of Sichuan province in China



  1. DSC00362
  2. Chengdu(成都) is the world of bamboos and giant pandas. There were different kinds of bamboos in Chengdu, especially in the park. And Chengdu people is the smartest people in using their bamboos, they eat bamboo, use bamboo to make furniture, tableware, artwork,  and feed their treasure “the giant pandas”. The giant pandas are so adorable! Cute! DSC00213
  3. A unique “Tea Culture” which is quite different from the other cities in China and all over the world. In Chengdu, if it’s not raining, people will definitely go out to the tea house in the park and pay around RMB10-20 for a cup of jasmine tea and spend their whole afternoon with their friends or relatives. They will play cards or mahjong(麻将)whilst they are having their tea time.DSC00463IMG_8138
  4. It’s unique style of gastronomy is so attracting and known as “mala”(麻辣). In Chengdu, no matter what cuisine or dishes you have, for sure you can’t get rid of their signature flavor– “mala”(麻辣). “mala”(麻辣)is called numbing heat in English, the numbing effect is come from the Sichuan pepper, it has a strong flavor, and can numb your tongue instantly. It’s the soul of Sichuan cuisine. I’m sure you will fascinated by it if you have the chance to try the fiery, bubbling cauldron of broth-known as Sichuan hotpot. I love it soooooo much!  DSC00413DSC00437
  5. Chengdu(成都) has the most magnificent hydraulic engineering project in the world which was built 2500 years ago, and still in functioning nowadays, which is called “dujiangyan” (都江堰). 都江堰 was built in Qin Dynasty, which is a small town 40 mins railway from Chengdu. Because of this successful hydraulic engineering project, Chengdu then became the “Heaven of abundance”. I quite like like this place, because i found that it’s more modern than Chengdu. The air and scenery are much more fresh. I think i will stay here for one or two nights when next time i come to Chengdu again.


Cool things in Chongqing(重庆):


  1. Chongqing(重庆)is the capital of fog and mountains. For me, i can feel there is air of romance lingering around in this city. Although it’s quite hot and dry during the day time. Can you feel it from the above picture? IMG_8222
  2. “xiao mian culture”, “xiao mian” (小面)means a small size amount of noodle with Sichuan spicy sauce. See! You just can’t hind from the Sichuan pepper. Haha…but be serious, “xiao mian” is very important for Chongqing people, why? Because it’s their breakfast! I quite like it, because it’s not so spicy as i think it is, instead the noodle is quite Al Dente.  DSC00542
  3. Porters are everywhere, they call them “bangbangjun” (棒棒军). Because Chonqqing is built in the mountains. In the old days, when people need to transport goods from the bottom to the top of the mountain, so they needed porters to do this job for them. And now, this culture is still exist. The porters will help to transport everything, you name it, they can do that for you. I had seen them carried two air conditioner. Crazy!WP_20140418_19_41_49_Pro
  4. Amazing night view known as “mini Hong Kong”. I had never imagined that i can enjoy such an amazing night view in Chongqing. To better enjoy this magnificent night view, you have to get to a park called “One Tree Mountain” (一树山), it worth. If you ask me “Is it really similar with Hong Kong?” umm…well, because i am a Hongkongese, for me the night view in Hong Kong is most beautiful night view in the world. For this, i had taken a picture of the night view of Hong Kong when i was on the plane. IMG_8088

I did had a great time in Chengdu and Chongqing, through their architectures, opera, people, food, I can experience a real Sichuan culture. I had found three lovely postcards in Chongqing, and carried them to Hong Kong as the souvenirs to you. If you are interest to have one, you may send me an email to let me know. And I’ll post to you for free. ^^  Please leave your comment so that I will send you my email address by replying your comment.


I’ll write more about of the people and culture that i had discovered from these two cities in the later articles. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy.




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