it’s time to talk about the Sichuan people

Before starting, I’d like to send my deepest sympathy to air flight accident of MH17.(R.I.P)

From my last blog, i had talked about the fascinated tourist spots in Chengdu and Chongqing. And today, i’d love to talk about the people there. I’m going to talk about their characteristics and personalities, instead, i’d love to share with you some of their habits and behaviors.

people in chengdu

1) They are Sichuan style hotpot lovers, everyday, from morning to midnight, they are gathered in the hotpot restaurants no matter the restaurants are small or big, rough or grand.

2) They are offals lovers, they love to eat bovine offals and pig offals when they are hotpoting, crazy!! I had tried a bit, definitely couldn’t finish a whole plate. 

3) They can’t live without hot chili and their Sichuan peppers, they put this combination in their every dish.

4) They love to drink teas and eat seasoned dried melon seeds. They just love to enjoy a cup of tea whenever there is a sunny day.

5)  They love KFC, the deep fried chicken.  I think the whole China are fancy with KFC, don’t they? Because i can see A LOT OF KFCs in China, especially in the big cities, they are just opened like convenient stores!

6) They like to take a bottle of soft drink with them. As i travel around China, I had discovered this funny scenario, no matter on the streets, on the railway, in the shopping malls or libraries, you name it, you can see not a few people are carrying a bottle of soft drink with them. Most of them are youngsters. 

7) Actually they are quite slim even their meals are always with a think layer of hot oil. I don’t know why.

8) When compare to the people in HK or other places in the world, Sichuan people are consuming less creamer. They seldom drink milk tea or cream coffee. 

9) Not like the other people in China, Sichuan people not quite fancy with eating rice for their meals. Instead, they eat potatoes and noodles. In my 10-day trip in Sichuan, I just had rice for only one time. 

In conclusion, I have adopted some of their behaviors when I back to HK. Like consume less creamer and rice. Now, I seldom drink milk tea or cream coffee, maybe 1-2 times per month. For rice, I will take 3-4 times per month. I have had this schedule for about three months, and I’m quite satisfied with the result. As I had lost 5 pounds already!!!  I think it’s healthy for me. I’ll stick on it. ^^



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