Pilot waste-charging scheme in Hong Kong

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Yesterday, the Environment Secretary of Hong Kong had announced a waste-charging pilot scheme. This scheme will be taken part in seven estates, up 10,000 households will voluntarily join for a six-month trial. The scheme will be introduced in 2016

However, the scheme is quite controversial. Some citizens are sceptical about the charging.

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Bausch + Lomb contact-lens 5-days free trial

From now on, Bausch + Lomb Hong Kong is holding a 5-days free trial campaign for its new Biotrue contact-lens. Total 5 pairs (10pcs) contact-lens will be given out per each person.

Just click the link below and fill-up your name and your Hong Kong mobile phone number, and then you need to choose which store you would like to get your contact-lens, and finally you will get the confirmation e-mail from Bausch+Lomb. (*the fitting fee is NOT included)

Bausch + Lomb Biotrue contact-lens 5-days free trial

Bausch Lomb Biotrue Contact-lens 5-day trial